My flowers, are handmade in the image of beautiful living blooms. In paper, they are ever faithful to the gorgeous species and hybrid they replicate.  

 Each piece you will see here represents my devotion to art, love and beauty. A belief that flowers speak of love and beauty I have a special fondness for flowers.  Orchids being at the top of the list I admire classic and exotic varieties (there are about 30,000 presently) as they are difficult to grow and bloom briefly in their own season. After much searching, determined practice and tenacious work, I have found a way to share this fondness. My floral art is an authentic visual copy of a living blossom and it will bloom forever. 

Taking a length of the finest crepe paper imported from Germany and or Italy the plain white sheet enters the studio. My hands rework the material until, it undergoes the transformation into a lifelike flower. The creation of every individualized species of bud or blossom starts with a living hand-picked flower to use as a model. As I deconstruct the parts carefully, I draw patterns for each petal, stem and stamen. Every part of the flower has a place in its formation as it begins to grow in my hand.  Each one has a unique response to tension or humidity and it can take many trials and very many hours to finally produce the perfect shape and form. Then by using various detailed brushes and techniques, I apply radiant pigments and indelible soft colors that permeate the paper medium.  As a living plant unfurls its stages of birth, bloom and wilt, the paper bouquet becomes an elegant copy of floral life.  Final placements and touches embellish the natural look and ready each flower to leave my studio with pride. They are truly heirs to the beauty of a living blossom.

Always art, love and beauty, Ingrid Blanco